What is Core Team?

Core Team is a gathering of team leaders from across the life of our church.


It all started when...

In April 2015 Jonny & Amy invited a small group of people to meet together on a regular basis to learn, discuss and grow.

The purpose of Core Team is...

To develop leadership within people so that the DNA and culture of CityLife Church can spread like never before. 

Who attends Core Team Meetings?

Since April 2015, the people who attend Core Team Meeting are the Sunday Service Leaders (Kids: Claire, Worship: Amy Production: Arnel, Guest Services: Craig) and other people who carry specific responsibilities.

However from October 2016, Pastors Jonny & Amy are inviting all those who serve as a team leader or key team roles to now attend our Core Team Meetings. As a team leader, you are expected to attend whenever possible.

What is the content of a Core Team Meeting?

Every meeting can be a little different but the general themes are around topics such as leadership, discipleship, culture and our vision.

Up and Coming Core Team Dates...

Monday 10th October, 7pm

Monday 7th November, 7pm

Monday 5th December, 7pm


Let Us Know You're Coming...

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 *Please note that Core Team will continue to evolve and adapt according to the needs and requirements set by our Lead Pastors. Therefore the people who attend Core Team Meetings now, should not expect to attend indefinitely.