Our Heart for The House offering is ON Sunday 9th April


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What is ‘Our Heart For The House’ offering?

Heart For The House is the name of our 2017 Vision Offering. It’s the one time of the year where we invite everyone who is part of our church to contribute financial into the vision of CityLife Church. 

As a church we have coined this vision statement to remind us of WHY we do what we do. Here it is . . .

“So that Everyone can Flourish through a Growing Relationship with Jesus”

This offering is not about equal giving but about equal sacrifice.

What will 'Heart For The House' help us do?

To help us build beyond where we are now, we are planning to make room for more staff to help with the running of the life of our church.

One of our key strategies as a church is Sunday Services. And we are continually wanting to get better and better at what we do on Sundays. To help take our services to the next level we are wanting to upgrade some of our Sound & Media equipment. 

Our building project represents the mortgage we are currently paying against our present building. We have another 15 years of mortgage to pay. But we are believing we can make more of a dent and get this paid off sooner.

As a church we don’t believe we are called simply to maintain and make do with what we can see now. But we believe that God has much more in store for us. One of the scriptures that define who we are is in Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent and stretch out the places of your dwelling”. This prophetic word doesn’t just speak to our present building but we believe speaks to multiple locations!

10% of what we raise through H4H will go to some of our 'Mission Partners'. Our mission partners include church plants and missionaries across the world.