1. We Carry A Can Do Attitude

(Its about ENTHUSIASM)

Anyone can point to problems but history is made by people who have a Caleb spirit "We should go up and take possession of the land, for we CAN certainly do it" (Numbers 13:30)

In every area of life, we want to see things through the eyes of faith. 

2. We Punch Above Our Weight


We serve a God who can do the impossible. We not only believe that our God can do the impossible, we also believe that God wants to do the impossible through us. We will not cower when things get tough or seem impossible. We are committed in fulfilling the purpose of God on our church, that means we will act in audacious faith, set impossible goals, take bold, confident steps and watch our God move.

Like David we will come against Goliath and punch above our weight.

3. We Will Elevate


We are people who believe in the power of honour. Every person on our planet has been created in the image of God, therefore, they have intrinsic value which deserve honour. We will promote what we are for not what we are against.

4. We Do More By Doing Less


Excellence is not about perfection but a personal decision to do the best we can with what is in our hands. This means that we resist the urge to say 'that will do' when we know we are capable of more. This commitment to excellence is simply an act of worship to our incredible God!

5. We Relentlessly Reach


Our church is simply the hands and feet of Jesus to our world. We want everyone who is part of our church to relentlessly reach their world with the life changing message of Jesus! 

6. We Are Contributors Not Just Consumers


God hasn't called us to be spectators, but servants. We are to bring the gifts, talents and resources that God has given us and use them for Kingdom Purpose.

7. We Stay Humble and Stay Hungry


None of us have fully arrived. We are all a work in progress. The moment we stop learning, is the moment we stop growing. We commit ourselves to maintaining a teachable spirit.

8. We Are A Community Of Disciples


We aren't not just about sitting in a row on a Sunday but we're passionate about building a strong sense of community and discipleship. In life, it's not just about WHAT you do but WHO you do it with. We are convinced that we can't grow to our fullest potential by ourselves. Proverbs 27:17 tells us that 'iron sharpens iron'. This means that if we want to grow into our callings then we must get around other disciples of Jesus and let the sparks fly!

We have the most awesome privledge to be part of the greatest community on planet earth - the church.

9. We Don't Take This For Granted

(ITS ABOUT Gratitude)

We believe in the power of gratitude. We never want to become over familiar with what God has done in our lives in our church. We never want to live with a entitlement mentality. We want to live with a posture of gratitude towards God and people. This means we celebrate the success of others rather than competing and comparing. We not only have an attitude of gratitude, we will also live with the habit of gratitude.  

10. We Are ALL About JESUS


John 15 teaches us that without Jesus we can do nothing of eternal significance. Jesus promises that he will build His church. City Life Church belongs to Jesus. He is building something phenomenal and we are determined to keep everything we do about Jesus!